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January 23, 2013
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Next Generation :June by DiabolicBlueCherry Next Generation :June by DiabolicBlueCherry
Heheheh~ >u>
This is Tristan's and Zariya's future kid~
Her name is June and she is 17 years old in this pic,she loves dancing and having fun.she is a rebel~
.but still she is somehow like her grandma Mimi
She has a twin brother(Mimi's admin will design him)

Feel free to Rp with her~

The mommy belongs to:
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Will: *sits under a tree, scratching the stubble on his face* hmmm... :T *starts drawing in a sketchbook*
June:-she is just siting next to the tree listening to music-
-she croons a nice song-
((Bootyful :iconmegustabishieplz:))

O.Zariya: *sighs softly with a smile, cupping her face gently*
You really are just like Mama in so many ways, my dear~
((you like it..?:iconasdfghplz:

June:You think so Mom?~
-she smiles a bit- really are..
-pulls her into a clingy hug-
..but still!~
you are my cute fluffy little girl... UuU~
June:-rolls her eyes and sighs-
Dad...I am not cute an fluffy....
yes you are..-hugs her tighter-
((lol Tristan is a weird father))
((Lolyus, such a weird daddy~))

O.Zariya: Hahah!
But of course you are! You'll always be our little girl~
...Hmm? Where's your brother?
Is he still in the library?
That boy is so much like Papa, he loved reading too

((Now to actually finish drawing him e u e))
June:...he is probably there....reading boring things..he should something more interesting like spells...magic tickers or adventure books..but noo..he is reading nonsenses.. -n-
O.Tristan:Let him be... he loves what he loves..~
June:Yea i know..but still..he is lame...
O.Tristan:...he is nooot!~ don't talk about your brother like that..;-;
(( e w e can't wait to see...))
O.Zariya: Well at least he practices young lady
Your powers may be diluted, but you still have them
You should take a page from his book and practice with him like your supposed to, instead of dancing all the time
June:..Mom...I have my powers..I don't need them...and dancing is my life...i like ti and i will do it... have all kinda scars on your feet and knees..-sighs softly-
i don't want you to get hurt...
June:Dad..I am okay..don't worry~ is bad! -n- there all kinda bad guys there..who touch you!
June:....huh..?what do you mean...?
O.Zariya: Oh just ignore your father
He's being silly and over protective again
They're called "dance partners" Tristan~
Or did you forget all the times you took me dancing?~
O.Tristan:That is an other situation!~
I took you because you are my lovely princess..and i love you..and you are lover!
But ..June has no lover..but still they are touching her...
...i wonder if they wash hands after they pee...
June:Eeew dad..that is disgusting..-chuckles lightly-
O.Tristan:It could be true!!
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